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You are here: Home | Workshop Fitted Remaps | MAXD-OUT Stage 3 Fiesta ST180 EcoBoost Remap 270-275 bhp

MAXD-OUT Stage 3 Fiesta ST180 EcoBoost Remap 270-275 bhp -

ST180 stage 2 vs stage 3

Fitted within the Hour in the Pumaspeed Workshop

RRP: £490.00 (inc. VAT)

Our Price: £459.95 (inc. VAT)

Fully Fitted: £459.95 (inc. VAT)

Tuning Box Option

ST180 stage 2 vs stage 3 New Remap software from Pumaspeed Performance Fiesta ST180 Stage3 270BHP POWR GRAPH ST180 ST2vST3 DATA

Stage 3 High Power and Torque 270-275 bhp - Pumaspeed Remaps

  • Suits all Hybrid Stage 2 Hybrid Turbos
  • Fitted at the Pumaspeed Workshop
  • Suits all Fiesta ST180 EcoBoost Software Versions
  • options for 95 98 and 102 Octane Fuel

The new generation of ST180 Fiesta EcoBoost is perfect to tune. Add some simple breathing modifications and calibrate the ecu and the engine responds with a great urge without over stressing anything.

This Custom Calibration ticks all the right boxes, 
   Its safe - with similar boost levelto the stock mapping.
   Its Economical - with Air fuel ratio being optimized throughout the rev range
   Its Reliable Pumaspeed Stage 3  remap has been tested on the road and on the track for 7000 miles.

The Custom Calibration will work with the Pumspeed Stage 2 Hybrid Turbocharger and suitable stage 2-3 hardware modifications , It is not suited for Stock Turbochargers..
Typical power levels are dependent on the quality of the Hardware and Fuel but will range from 265 - 280 bhp.

We are able to custom calibrate for 95 octane 98-99 octane and for some European countries we can also calibrate for the Arla 102 fuel that is widely available.

Click to download all Fiesta 1.0 turbo upgrades

This Pumaspeed Stage 3 Software Calibration is a true recalibration of the entire ECU. It is not a simple generic 'chip' or 'remap' , it willl tune the ignition ,fuel and torque settings within the ECU to enable the new Stage 2 Hybrid Turbo all the hardware modifications to work in total harmony. This will lift power and more importantly torque and push the car safely and reliably towards the magic 300bhp barrier.
The Pumaspeed Stage 3 tune can be used on a totally stock engine , no need to modify any engine internals with this still remarkably low level Calibration.

Pumaspeed ST260 Power Graph

The graph above shows a typical customer car fitted with the following parts.
                Pumaspeed ‘ Stage 3 ’  Remap                                         
                Pumaspeed ‘ Stage 2 ‘ Hybrid Turbocharger                 
                R-Sport High-Flow Stage 2 Intercooler Kit                       
                ITG Long Cold Air Induction System                                  
                Milltek Sport Cat Back Exhaust System                             
                Milltek Sport De-Cat Pipe                                                  

The Pumaspeed Demo Fiesta ST180 has over 7,000 miles in testing various stages of power output including this entry level Software upgrade.

The Demo car has been fitted with all the power stages of kit but is now running around 270-280 bhp with the larger PS270 kit.
Pumaspeed Stage 3 Software
Stage 2 Hybrid Turbo Charger
Pumaspeed Large Bore Turbo Elbow
Milltek Sport DeCat pipe
Milltek Sport non resonated catback exhaust system
Pumaspeed Large Bore Cross over Pipe
Pumaspeed R-Sport  Stage 1 Cold Air Induction Kit
Pumaspeed R-Sport High Flow Garrett Core Intercooler
Ap Racing Big Brake Kit
Pumaspeed R-Sport Large Bore Hot side Boost kit
Pumaspeed Pro Silicon Boost Hose kit
Pumaspeed Pro Silicon Coolant Hose kit
Pumaspeed Pro Silicon Ancillary Hose Kit

What do we do and how long does the Pumaspeed Fiesta Stage 3 EcoBoost Remap take ?
We Plug into the vehicles OBD port and read the ECU data. We then update your specific data with the new Pumaspeed mapping data and import it back into your ECU via the OBD port again. All this usually within the hour.
For Mail Order Customers In the UK , Europe and Worldwide:
We can now supply this New mapping via mail order.
Please take time to select the option
‘Include tuning box extra’ –We will then include our tuning box with the order so you can install the engine recalibration easily at home.


ST270 Kit Engine Data


ST260 Kit Engine Data


Stage 3 High Power and Torque 270-275 bhp

There is no fitting cost available for this product.

Pumaspeed Performance Distribution

Pumaspeed have a specialist distribution team that can dispatch the MAXD-OUT Stage 3 Fiesta ST180 EcoBoost Remap 270-275 bhp to any destination worldwide.

Please select the delivery country from the drop down list below to see the express delivery charge and set your shopping cart to the correct VAT rate.

Are you a trade customer?

Pumaspeed have a specialist trade distribution team that service many of the Motor trade specialists throughout the UK, the EU and the Rest of the World.

From a simple email tune file to a huge shipment of Milltek Sport Exhaust Systems. We have an expanding portfolio of new brands and products combined with the experience and ability to provide what you need.

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