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You are here: Home | Uprated Turbochargers | Fiesta ST180 X-47 Hybrid Turbocharger and Elbow

Fiesta ST180 X-47 Hybrid Turbocharger and Elbow - Ford Fiesta ST180 1.6 EcoBoost

Pumaspeed X-47 Hybrid Turbo

The Highest Flowing Hybrid on the market - Period !

RRP: £997.00 (inc. VAT)

Our Price: £972.00 (inc. VAT)

Fully Fitted: £1,245.00 (inc. VAT)

Order quantity  (122 Sold)

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Core type

Turbo Size Option

Pumaspeed X-47 Hybrid Turbo Pumaspeed X-47 Hybrid Turbo Pumaspeed X-47 Hybrid Turbo Pumaspeed X-47 Hybrid Turbo X-47 Turbo fiesta comparison in turbo Slim X 47 turbine image slim Compressor side shot of the new X47 shaft X Series Boost Profile x-series turbo power graph Pumaspeed X-47 Power Graph at Jamsport 299 whp Turbo Elbow Now Included in price

340+ bhp (300+ whp) Capable Stage 4 X-47+ Hybrid Turbo - Pumaspeed Hybrid Turbochargers

  • New Larger Bore Turbine Shaft with Clipped Back Blades
  • New extended Tip 7 Blade Billet Compressor Wheel
  • CNC re-profiled compressor cover to match new X-47 and X-47+ Billet Alloy Wheels
  • Motorsport Heavy Duty Thrust Bearing Assembly
  • Modified Seal Plate to match hi-flow Compressor Wheel
  • Motorsport Specification Cut back Turbine Blades for high flow at high RPM
  • 330bhp (300 whp)
  • Large Bore Turbo Elbow now included

There is no replacement for displacement as the old saying goes, if you have the cubic inches you climb the power ladder.

The power and reliability proven X-37 has a new bigger brother. Welcome the New X-Series Fiesta champion - the bigger X-47+.
Development of a New X-Series Turbo doesn't just happen over night. It's taken 9 months of design, development and testing to get the performance power and early spool just where you demand it. The brief was very simple, create a higher flowing stock frame charger that could crack the 300+whp (E-Fuels) barrier whilst still delivering the proven reliability of the 270 whp capable X-37.

The new turbo has the ability to spool to 14 PSI at 1800 revs and to full Boost as low as 2200 revs, it will continue to flow and make power to just over 7500, that's a huge 5000 wide band of sheer pleasure. This package now includes Large Bore X-47 Specification turbo elbow in every order while overall reducing the cost of the turbo kit at the same time.

Whats the Secret?

The OEM Stock Ford turbo has one limiting factor, its was never designed to flow the amount of exhaust gases to produce north of 300 whp. All regular off the shelf exhaust shafts are either rated to 240 bhp or 290 bhp by the Borg Warner factory. To extract any more power from this KP39 unit, you must either shoe horn another turbocharger into the standard exhaust housing or make a larger turbine shaft. We believed this larger shaft option to be the best and most cost effective solution. We looked into the packaging constraints of the small turbocharger and decided a 18%-20%  increase in diameter would still enable the very near stock like spool but give a perfect amount of flow to generate the golden 300whp number up high. Another very important consideration is reliability. The 45mm diameter turbine would leave enough metal in the exhaust housing to guarantee structural strength. Any bigger and without serious long term track testing and hot to cold cycles, we could not have guaranteed the Ford OE Housing structural integrity.

A unique custom designed shaft was commissioned, code named the C45, this new 45mm diameter unit was designed to replace the older C39 39mm diameter blade set previously used on the X-37 and X-27 Hybrids. The visual differences are quite astonishing, take a look below. The new expected flow rate is far superior:

X- 47/X- 47+ shaft spec is 40.3mm expanding to 45.1mm.
 X- 37 shaft spec is 37.5mm expanding to 38.5mm.
Stock shaft spec is 32.3mm expanding to 38.5mm.
Slim X 47 turbine image

X-47                                         X-37                                     STOCK
side shot of the new X47 shaft

Not content with just making the the massive flow increases on the exhaust side, we set about making a minor change to the compressor side also:

OE Cast alloy wheel size 35.4mm tips 49.00mm base circle 46.00mm
X- 37 Billet alloy wheel size 41.0mm tips 54.53mm base circle 50.96mm
X- 47 Billet alloy wheel size 43.0mm tips 56.56mm base circle 53.00mm

X- 47+ Billet alloy wheel size 45mm tips 59.34mm base circle 56.00mm

slim Compressor

Over 300 whp on a Hybrid Turbo?!
YES! - With the NEW PUMASPEED X-47

Design Evolution 

Pumaspeed have now tried 5 different Stage 3 hybrid designs and have finally found the secret to 1.6 EcoBoost power...The 300 bhp dream is easily achieved with the X-47 Unique Exhaust shaft.


Below are the results from the older X-27 turbo:


The New X-47 Turbo Data

x-series turbo power graph

Stiil making boost until the 7250 Rev Limit


X Series Boost Profile


Independant Power Graph

Call us for more information 01924360260 as we have a limited availability on the Pumaspeed X-series turbochargers.

Please note: for overseas customers, you are liable for any customs charge that might be incurred through the return of your original turbo.





See what the Fast Ford Magazine have to say -

340+ bhp (300+ whp) Capable Stage 4 X-47+ Hybrid Turbo

The Pumaspeed Workshop team are ready to fit the Fiesta ST180 X-47 Hybrid Turbocharger and Elbow in our Head Office located here.

We estimate the labour time to be approximately 3.50 hour(s) costing £273.00 inc VAT.

Therefore making parts and labour a total cost £1,245.00 (inc. VAT).

Please don�t hesitate to contact us on the phone number above or click here to email.

Note: The fitting cost quoted is an estimate based on our Ford tuning experience. Please be aware that on rare occasions problems can occur that are out of our control; such as seized or snapped bolts due to age or wear. We work swiftly but in the event of an issue we may have to levy the fitting charge based on the time taken to rectify any unforeseen circumstances.

Pumaspeed Performance Distribution

Pumaspeed have a specialist distribution team that can dispatch the Fiesta ST180 X-47 Hybrid Turbocharger and Elbow to any destination worldwide.

Please select the delivery country from the drop down list below to see the express delivery charge and set your shopping cart to the correct VAT rate.

Are you a trade customer?

Pumaspeed have a specialist trade distribution team that service many of the Motor trade specialists throughout the UK, the EU and the Rest of the World.

From a simple email tune file to a huge shipment of Milltek Sport Exhaust Systems. We have an expanding portfolio of new brands and products combined with the experience and ability to provide what you need.

To register your interest as a company click here.

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